We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to develop a live content marketing strategy that’s accessible for the majority of brands, not just the few.

Live content marketing the next step in truly integrated content marketing.

Traditionally live events have been something only really accessible to the big budget brands. If you wanted to do a product launch or do some sort of live activation, that was any good, then you either had to put something on yourself or sponsor something like a festival or similar.

The main problem here is obviously expense and in the case of large scale events, if your product doesn’t have mass appeal, then you’ll likely only be talking to a fraction of the audience. So great if you can afford it and want the large scale brand exposure but what about the other end of the spectrum?

We’ve been talking a lot about user generated content (UGC) of late and how important it is for brands to deliver authenticity in their content and communications. So this got us thinking. We wanted to figure out a way we could capture UGC and the stories, images and video that we could integrate into our digital content strategy. Content that would act as both hero content but also fuel enough authentic content production that would take us a world away from the trap of generic content production, perpetuating the sea of noise. Not something we make a habit of falling into I should add!

So we created Live content marketing.

An integrated approach to content marketing that uses live scenarios intertwined with digital to create truly authentic content, strong on UGC with digital distribution.

How’s it different to running a live event?

It’s hard to find niche events that are truly authentic and get the most out of them if you’re a brand. So we’ve done that for you. In Live content marketing we work as curators to build the live and digital elements of the content strategy together, using the best of both to create stunning live content marketing that will fuel your digital channels and truly engage people, motivating them to buy your products and services.

How is this any cheaper than running a live event?

DVO are the curators of the live content so we bring together an experience based on a niche vertical that a small number of brands can tap into. It’s not your event and that’s important because it gives it the authenticity. It’s a bit like when people say “don’t sell in your online content” because it turns people off. Same principle really, the live events have their own distinct brand you’re just a part of the experience.

Why does this work in digital?

Live events should be a catalyst for a ton of digital content but very often opportunities are lost. Ever thought about putting a Go-Pro on your guys and girls giving out samples, taking images and shooting video? Logistically it’s a lot to take care of , by centralising this we curate and create all the content and then distribute this accordingly to the brand partners to be used digitally, in blogs, advertising etc etc

Why is UGC so powerful?

Because people trust other people more than they trust your brand. In fact in most studies it’s nearly twice as much. It’s not that they don’t like you, they do, it’s just human nature. But how do you get your hands on authentic content if you fall outside the obvious industry sectors like travel where it’s quite easy to find content on social media about destinations and holidays. Well you need to find a way to stimulate the content and then capture it.

Sure you can do that online, but whats better than handing someone your product to sample and recording their feedback live to be distributed online.



It’s early days for us developing this concept, our second event is taking place in July and we’re keen to speak to anyone in the Gluten free space who likes trying things out. Contact us for more details, here.

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