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How we work

Making good on being different

Flashback to mid-2015 and the crescendo of calls announcing “The Agency is Dead” seemed to have reached a peak. This sentiment wasn’t shared by the dvo team, but there was something going on that was leading to a general dissatisfaction for both clients and agency-side people, and we couldn’t put our finger on.

It felt the right time for change so our founder Ben decided to do something drastic. Too often in agency land we pay lip service to change; whether it’s inclusivity, innovation, pricing models or on-demand services. The list is long but fundamentally the change is thin. The industry as a whole, and somewhat as you might expect, is good at talking a good game but light on real change.

The solution? Mothball the agency for a couple of years and go and work client side. Why? Because the perspective needed to do something really different wasn’t going to be found in an agency. Ben spent two years working in a variety of CMO roles, doing some great work, understanding what clients didn’t really like about agencies and most importantly what would really make a difference for them. 

That list of wants was the starting point for dvo. It’s a list of things that clients, and our team, actually want. From the way we work together and what work we do, to the way we get paid. It’s a drastic retooling of what an agency actually is – based on a client side perspective. And you’d be hard pushed to find in 99% of the other agencies out there. It’s not for everyone, but it works for us and the kind of clients who want something different, and dare I say better!

Contact us if you’d like to discuss how we can work together.

Working side-by-side with you.
Whether your project is to build a marketing function from scratch, grow the company or innovate, we’ll build a team specifically for you.


Where everyone collaborates.

Our consultants and tailor-made delivery teams embed themselves in your organisation to work with you on project delivery. 

We really will be part of the team.

Services and work styles to meet your needs.

Our hands-on style injects skills and expertise into the heart of your organisation. 

On-demand services back it up with a global delivery team of producers and makers.



Expertise & Values

The shared values that connect us, the deep knowledge to support your success and the hands-on skills to deliver it. This is the way we work and the values that are the foundation of everything we do.


We take responsibility, we take ownership of actions and we lead. We'll work out where to go together and take ownership of getting there.


From how we charge to how we work to deliver, we're totally transparent. Always.


A little happy goes a long way. If you're happy and we're happy then the work will be the best it can be.


Working together with you and The Roster is the best way to succeed: we listen to you, and learn with you.

Get in touch to discuss your requirements and we will work together to find the best solution.

50 Best Bars Afterparty

in association with Thomas Henry

50 Best bars Afterparty


Working with Thomas Henry to host their after party for the 50 Best Bars awards.

An invite only event, the after show party saw the cream of the international hospitality industry come together to celebrate the 50 Best Bars award winners.

This epic night featured deliciously moreish, street-food inspired canapes, a bespoke hand-crafted cocktail menu, the collest DJs and wild burlesque performers.


Working directly with Thomas Henry and the venue, DVO oversaw every aspect of planning and executing the event.

This included:

  • Liaising with all event sponsors
  • Food and drink menu creation
  • POS and venue decoration
  • Security and wayfinding
  • Service delivery
  • Brand management

“This was the biggest, most prestigious event we'd ever hosted and DVO ensured it went off without a hitch.”

Importance Of The Custom Company Logo Design

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