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Hamptons International

Integrated Content Marketing

Insights-led market analysis


Hamptons International, a leading residential property company, asked dvo to help them reach a wider audience and increase quality traffic to their site.

Research showed that Hamptons had many of the raw materials required to create an analysis of the market landscape that was relevant to the consumer. Our strategic vision was to position Hamptons as an icon of insightful intelligence created in ‘real-life’ context, allowing Hamptons to develop a stronger affinity with their audience groups.


dvo developed a plan to utilise Hampton International’s expertise and the data they already had to create an integrated content offer.

This included strong social content and brought in a team from the Roster to create an insights video to help their audience understand better the opportunities for house buyers, and analysis of the current economic landscape.



Creation of focused articles and video content resulted in a 32% increase in traffic to Hamptons main websites. Engagement with the market insight reports increased over 2000% from the traditional print based reports. With significant increase in social media.

dvo can deliver everything from insight-led campaigns to full service marketing.

Get in touch to discuss your company’s requirements and we will work together to find the best solution.

50 Best Bars Afterparty

in association with Thomas Henry

50 Best bars Afterparty


Working with Thomas Henry to host their after party for the 50 Best Bars awards.

An invite only event, the after show party saw the cream of the international hospitality industry come together to celebrate the 50 Best Bars award winners.

This epic night featured deliciously moreish, street-food inspired canapes, a bespoke hand-crafted cocktail menu, the collest DJs and wild burlesque performers.


Working directly with Thomas Henry and the venue, DVO oversaw every aspect of planning and executing the event.

This included:

  • Liaising with all event sponsors
  • Food and drink menu creation
  • POS and venue decoration
  • Security and wayfinding
  • Service delivery
  • Brand management

“This was the biggest, most prestigious event we'd ever hosted and DVO ensured it went off without a hitch.”

Importance Of The Custom Company Logo Design

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