We discuss the importance of brilliant content and why it’s so important to think strategically about how you create your content to get the results you want.

The crux of successful content marketing lies in the creation of brilliant content. But even well-written, game changing content needs some marketing of its own in order to gain and grow a dynamic and lively audience.

Brilliant content can sometimes attract a decent crowd all on its own, but more often than not it’ll need a big nudge in the right direction. To prevent your best content from gathering dust in the corner of the internet you need to get the right people engaging with it and talking about it.

  • Tailor your strategy: It’s important that you position your content in front of your target audience and that you aren’t simply frantically throwing your content in the faces of people that will find it irrelevant. Tailoring not only your content but your content promotion strategy will see it spread and reach a wider audience much more quickly and effectively.
  • Get it in front of an influencer: Influencers can be anyone; from an industry specialist, a celebrity, an author to an uber blogger. Anyone who has a large social following and, above all, someone that your potential audience will listen to. Finding relevant influencers that simply can’t say no to sharing such wonderful content will mean that your brand can become an authority in that field. If a piece of content is passed on through social media, whether its Twitter, Facebook or Google +, by an influencer it will automatically instil a level of trust in your brand. If all goes to plan you will find your brand on its way to widening a loyal fan base.
  • Start a conversation, engage people: Tap into the mind of your potential audience, what do they care about? What do they want to know? What are they biting their nails over? Do they have a problem? Solve it for them. Look into current trending topics and what the most prevalent influencers are chatting about over Twitter.
  • Create a Blog: Your brand needs a blog. This will give you the opportunity to tap into a brand new audience and makes shareability literally as easy as clicking a button. Express the unique voice of your brand via the content of your blog, this will increase the likeability of your brand and in return you’ll be rewarded with the trust of your audience.
  • Don’t be boring: Create something that people will want to share, but really think about it. Making facts look pretty or fluffing them up into a piece of editorial is not shareable content. Infographics, Ebooks, white papers, videos, images and blog posts are just a few examples of some of the exciting content that you could be sharing with your potential audience.

Finding a wider audience all comes down to creativity, relevance and trust. Get excited about your content, have faith in your brand and promote it in every which way you can. Create brilliant content! When the shares, comments, likes and retweets start coming in, watch your audience grow.

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