Disruption, the silent brand killer. You may be being disrupted without even realising it. But don’t worry, help is at hand.

The important thing to do first is don’t panic. Disruption can happen to anyone and it’s often not so simple to recognise. However, there are some tell tale signs that can help you on your way to identifying a problem and in turn, seeking the help you need. Do you recognise the following statements, answering yes to two or more may indicate you have a problem and you’re suffering from disruption. Be honest. Remember, admission is the first step to a solution. You can get through this.

  • My customers keep asking whether we have an app or not. Steve in sales is getting tired of having to explain we don’t.
  • @customercomplainer said bad things about us on social media and nobody knew how we should handle it.
  • Our customer base is ageing and we don’t seem to be able to connect with a younger audience.
  • Our customers aren’t online, we do most of our business on the golf course.
  • Brand, we’ve got one of those, our logo looks great.
  • There are lots of new businesses in our sector, mostly online, but we’ve been around for 50 years so we’re not worried.
  • We’ve got a digital team – they sit in Manchester, our marketing department is in Brighton and we meet quarterly.
  • There’s a company in our sector just doing one element of what we do, we don’t even understand how they are making money and it’s mobile only.

If you’ve answered yes to two or more of these questions then it’s highly likely you are, or will be suffering from disruption. It’s time to seek professional help and above all don’t panic. Take solace, admission of a problem is the first step to a solution – you are on the right path, with the right help and determination you can beat this.

As with most things timing is key, certain sectors are moving faster than others towards a point where mainstream customers will have adopted new business models. If you’ve done nothing so far it may not be too late to become part of the new normal in your sector, but you need to act now. Don’t suffer alone.

DVO highly recommend you seek professional advice if you think you are being disrupted, this is not something you should have to face on your own. The guidance and support of an experienced agency will help you, over time, to understand these issues and prescribe a course of treatment that will help you to regain your brand status and become a part of the new normal.

We can help you with this problem and we promise we won’t make you lie down on the couch, unless of course you want to. We’ll even make you a cup of tea. Call us on 0203 771 2461, or drop us an email.

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