So what is content marketing anyway? Something we hear on a regular basis because as an industry we’ve done little to simplify and educate time and resource poor clients who want to do it but don’t want to have to unpick the 25 different versions.

So what is content marketing anyway

As a full service digital agency a question we’re constantly asked is “So, what is content marketing anyway?” Agencies are now entering a space that confuses brands because of the ubiquitous nature of the name. Content marketing is essentially about how consumers behave, particularly online, but the majority of content marketers are sticking to their historical approach.

What does content marketing mean to us? Content marketing is a hybrid of disciplines, optimised to deliver the best results for a client depending on their priorities. Brand awareness and conversions are the foremost measure of success. We create strategic, brand-centric, buyer-focused, search optimized, technically sound, creative, and results-driven content. A lot goes into one simple term.

We build long term profitable audiences for brands. And those audiences return again and again to consume brand’s content regardless of whether each visit is motivated by a purchase. This engagement solidifies the bond between brand and audience so that when the consumer is ready to purchase the decision is second nature.

But good content is nothing without an audience. Ninety percent of the brands we talk to don’t have a content audience which puts a huge emphasis getting the word out there before we keep them coming back. We utilise our PR and outreach skills as well as media buying to build an awareness strategy that retains audiences.

But it gets complicated! Consumer behaviour online is anything but simple and streamlined, and they hold the cards. So, we simplify the process and build incrementally to measure results over time. And this approach resonates with brands, not just us. Recent studies such as ClickZ and DR4WARD highlighted:

There is a pervasive, deeply running digital marketing talent gap – a substantial difference between what employers value and what talent is available to them.

While we’re not sure if we agree completely with this point, we do think brands are lagging behind the fast pace of digital changes. Solid marketing hasn’t evaporated. It’s all about using data to better understand your audience and creating compelling content to engage people. The skilful content marketer simply needs to have broad knowledge, particularly around technology and platforms to get the best ROI for their brand.

So the next time you find yourself saying “so what is content marketing anyway” send us an email at or give us a call at 020 3771 2461, rather than wasting your time we’ll explain a marketing approach that can give you the rewards you’re looking for..

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