DVO is an interesting business. We’ve straddled the gap between brand and conversion since we started even though our clients seem to fall into one of two camps; either very brand focused or very conversion focused. DVO, however, is something of a metaphorical bridge between the two. It’s vital that they work together for content marketing to be effective.

This post is the first of two looking at both sides of this coin and, hopefully, offering up some insights too. Initially I want to look at the nuts and bolts needed to deliver great creative.

Good work starts with a plan, or more to the point starts with planning. Once a brief has been lain out – taking on board all the client’s objectives – it’s over to DVO’s planning team to establish the needs of the audience, be they consumers, influencers or anyone else who’s relevant to what we’re trying to achieve. It’s planning’s job to create a framework so the creative team can produce work that answers the brief.

DVO’s creative team – a three-way split between editorial, design and technical – then cook up a number of concepts to be pitched back to the client and the winning creative content idea is progressed, getting signed off at key stages to ensure the work is produced efficiently and delivers the necessary results.

Admittedly we’re not reinventing the wheel here. It’s an established process. But we’ve seen others try and we’ve seen them fail. Trying to cut through this, in our experience, results in delays and ultimately costs clients more. And that’s not something anyone wants, especially not among the more conversion focused.

In my opinion this is the kind of discipline that is being overlooked by a lot of content marketing agencies right now. Despite the loud talk of hybrid marketers and multi-discipline teams, we know from experience that tried and tested processes not only work but also ensure smooth delivery, happy creatives and, most importantly, happy clients

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