If your brand already earns good revenue through a digital channel, you’ve got a great opportunity.

Hopefully, you’re already capturing lots of organic traffic and I expect you’re fully engaged in offline advertising to build awareness and drive acquisition. However, given how online advertising has declined in value as consumers have found it increasingly easier to ignore, you might be wary of using digital to reach your customers. You shouldn’t be. It’s a brilliant way to build brand awareness and engagement.

The great thing about digital is the depth of content a brand can create. Video, editorial, interactive rich media; it’s quite a big list. Taking this and combining it with the disruptive technologies of social media offers your brand exciting opportunities, if used properly.

Content marketing as we see it offers brands the opportunity to create deeper relationships with consumers earlier in their journey to becoming fully fledged customers. Simply put, it can vastly improve the chances that a consumer will not only buy but buy again and again.

What digital offers above other channels is the ability to tell a deeper story, properly optimised so it gives the consumer more freedom to interact with the brand on their terms. And what we at DVO want to do most is understand the consumer as well as we can, so we can best tell them your story.

Publishing great content also has another benefit; it provides the key signals that search engines look for and so, by default, increases both its visibility and the brand’s.

But here’s the real kicker. Content marketing done well will reduce your brand’s reliance on paying another publisher to access your audience.

Think about this. If you could reduce your media spend by 10 per cent and spent that saving on content marketing instead, in the first year you’d be no worse off than you already are.

And now, where it gets really interesting is in year two. Let’s say you reduce your media spend by a further 10 per cent. It won’t cost you any more to deliver your content marketing strategy but your audience will have built up over time and your brand awareness will have increased. What’s more, it will keep increasing year on year, hopefully to the extent that your remaining media budget could simply be used for tactical activity.

We like to talk about brand stories and real engagement but there’s one fundamental reason why you should get off the fence and embrace content marketing; it will make your marketing spend work harder.

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